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Scott Hussey

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for 
Bury St Edmunds & Stowmarket
Scott Hussey

I am pleased to introduce myself as your Reform UK parliamentary candidate for Bury St Edmunds & Stowmarket

My message and promise to you.

The feeling that nothing works anymore will be familiar to many of you. Britain has lost control of everything that matters. Reform UK is the only Party that offers real change. By voting for me and Reform UK, I promise to do my very best to deliver the changes that we all desperately want and need.


I decided to stand at this election because I believe that I can make a difference. Having been born in Bury St Edmunds and living nearby, I know the area well and know it deserves better. I could think of no greater privilege than to represent you in parliament.


If you vote for me I promise to use my skills and experience to address the issues that matter to you, not out-of-touch politicians.


I hold an advanced degree in international relations from the University of Cambridge and a first-class undergraduate degree. I was a reporter for a national newspaper and have lived around the world working for the United Nations on projects delivering humanitarian aid, better public health, HIV protection, and improved nutrition and agriculture.


The Conservatives have taken you, the people of this constituency, for granted for far too long. I want to make a difference, to really serve this community, to listen to your issues, to reply when you contact me, and to use the position of MP to make a real difference to your lives.


Over the past 14 years, the Conservatives have delivered endless broken promises. Far from taking back control, they have only continued to lose control. We have spiralling national debt, millions more people waiting for health treatment, higher taxes, and out of control immigration.


An incompetent, exhausted, and arrogant government that struggles to get anything done has left a legacy of an underperforming economy, wrecked public services, run-down and foreign-owned infrastructure, and a diminished international reputation.


The Conservatives squandered the potential benefits of Brexit and struck
a bad deal with the EU. The Labour Party can not be trusted with a


Labour is not the answer to the country’s long list, of problems. They are tied to the unions and would almost certainly make some things worse, with even higher taxes, continued mass immigration, and an amnesty for illegal migrants. This country and this constituency deserve better.


I understand the frustration that you feel but there really is an alternative to the tired old established parties who will only deliver more of the same. Reform UK offers fundamental reform to the way that our country is governed, standing up for the traditional values that so many of us hold.

Scott Hussey

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