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Bury St Edmunds & Stowmarket

I am so fortunate to be able to live in the wonderful surroundings of Bury St Edmunds with my family. I love being part of such a vibrant community but know that many of those living in the constituency today are feeling less than excited about their future thanks to the appalling cost-of-living crisis that our Westminster politicians have created with their relentless drive to net zero and irresponsible mishandling of our economy and borders.

Our good nature has been taken for granted for too long by this Government and a cynical opposition who sit back and wait for voters to simply turn to the 'other' Party at the next General Election. 

It's time to elect politicians to parliament who care about us, our country and our way of life. Reform UK was the Party that gave me hope that there would be a positive, credible alternative to vote for at the next General Election which is why I decided to put myself forward as a candidate. The politically homeless have been growing in number for many years, which is hardly surprising when all we see is national politicians who appear to no longer have, or seem to want, a sincere connection to the people they are supposed to represent. 

I hope that the people of Bury St Edmunds & Stowmarket will put their trust in me and allow me to show them that we can start fixing broken Britain and take pride in our country once again. 
Reform UK cares about the issues that affect you
Protest petition reaches over 27,784 signatures
Protest groups continue to fight the 180km of giant pylons from Norwich to Tilbury proposed by National Grid to deliver the government's ridiculous net zero emissions targets that will create a blight on the Suffolk landscape.
We must protect our countryside from such destruction and I will add my concerns to the 
National Grid's forthcoming 2024 public consultation. 
Pylons to blight the Suffolk Countryside
The state of our roads across the constituency have become absolute nightmare for drivers and cyclists alike. The damage being caused to our cars is simply unacceptable.
In 2023 the 
government announced £200m for pothole funding for the entire UK, Suffolk was to receive £4,842,400 of this fund yet our local roads remain as dangerous as ever.
Potholes in Bury St Edmunds Roads
Keep Cash Alive!
Reform UK supports the continued use of cash and rejects the idea of a cashless society. We must retain the ability to spend our money without interference from the banks or the political elites.
Of course, on
line banking is extremely convenient but this type of electronic transfer of cash is also private, a proposed Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) offers little protection of privacy and will be programmable potentially giving banks & governments of the future the ability to decide what you will and will not be allowed to buy in the future.
We must never allow our politicians to wield such draconian powers over us.
Medical Freedom
Reform UK supports your right to medical freedom and will NEVER mandate medical interventions.
I stand for medical freedom and the right of individuals to make informed decisions about their health. Mandatory vaccinations challenge this fundamental right, forcing individuals into a one-size-fits-all medical intervention with our considering personal health conditions, beliefs & circumstances. 
We believe in freedom of choice and your right to say 'NO' without fear of discrimination.

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