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If you want change then you have to vote for it!

Reform UK national policies

Real change only happens when YOU make it happen!


We would raise the income tax threshold to 20k per year (saving £1,500 per year), cut fuel duty by 20p per litre (saving £200 per driver, per year) and reduce the VAT from 20% to 18% (saving each household £300 per year). We would also scrap VAT on energy bills (£100 per year). This would stimulate growth by about 0.5% per year and cut inflation by 4%.


Labour doesn't want to tackle illegal immigration, and the Tories have failed. Their Rwanda plan can't work while we are subject to the European Court of Human Rights and the UN 1951 Refugee Convention. Reform UK would bring about the sweeping reforms we need to defend our borders, while still helping genuine refugees in need.


As well as scrapping all VAT on energy bills, Reform UK would scrap all renewable energy subsidy levies on bills. We would nationalise 50% of energy firms, with the other 50% to be owned by British pension funds. We would encourage shale gas exploration for cheaper and reliable British energy.


Our public services are paid for and valued by us all. The faster our economy grows by having lower, simpler taxes, the more money there is to invest in public services. With reform, they can work better, faster, and more efficiently. There is far too much waste and not enough ambition.
The vast and growing mountain of daft, unproductive regulations that hinder small businesses and restrict growth are all part of the same problem in the public sector — lacking in common sense. They go hand in hand with the wasteful spending.

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